Thursday, March 27, 2014


$MM is coming along like clockwork. Will continue to go to the bottom of the BB.


Possible short position in a few days. Nice upswing with a fairly predictable pattern.

$SNTA 3/27

$BEBE 3/27

$WWE Plan 3/27

Great trading day. Got'em on the Run!

$SNTA 3/27

Very cooperative stock. No real sign of abating its need for a correction down to the bottom of the BB. Cash flow issues plague SNTA.

$BEBE 3/27

Volume dried up and crash through descending triangle. Major correction. CB 6.50. Will hold until shift in trend down.

$WWE 3/27

$WWE Broke descending triangle and rushed for major correction. Large increase in volume and a MACD flip. Holding. CB is 28.01.

$MM 3/27

$MM is performing good. With volume decreasing and the MACD swinging down, hold. Will likely cross 20 day and from there hit BB bottom. 

$MM 3/18

$MM. Open short position tomorrow (6th day of MACD on 3/18). Missed 52 week low by 3 cents on 2/21. Lousy earnings. Self Correction is 6.78.

$SNTA 3/24

Made a quick triangle showing recent short position. Assuming my swap will come at the bottom of the BB. Volume is dropping. Did not break 20 day.

$WWE 3/24

WWE chart. 1 day volume is significantly lower then 5 day. MACD is near a flip. Has not hit resistance. CB is 28.01.

$BEBE 3/24

BEBE chart. Volume collapsing -52.4%. Short position only. Presently a 6.50 cost basis.

$SNTA 3/20

Opened long and short at 5.20. Vol Buzz at 137.20%. Initial 5% margin against the box. After initial position: 65% long margin, 100% short margin.